DA supports EFF in Sasolburg

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DA supports EFF in Sasolburg
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The DA dismissed a nomination in favor of themselves by the FF Plus instead to support a nomination of the EFF in the Metsimaholo municipality, which includes Sasolburg.

Wouter Wessels, FF Plus MP and deputy leader in the Free State said it was regrettable that the DA chose to support the smaller EFF’s speaker and mayor candidates as the second-largest party in council alongside the ANC. The FF Plus, however, wanted to nominate the DA councilor, Arnoldi du Plooy, who served as speaker before the dissolution of the council. However, the DA refused the nomination and supported the EFF candidate. “By doing so, the DA denies their faithful voters base,” said Mr. Wessels.

“No party has gained a majority of seats during the re-election of the council, so various parties must work together to form a coalition. The FF Plus promised during their election campaign that they would be in coalition with other parties to rule out the ANC, but that the party would not strengthen the EFF’s power. The FF Plus’s number of votes increased by almost 40% during the election, indicating voters’ support for the FF Plus’s position in this regard.”

“The FF Plus believes that the EFF’s mandate and policy would be detrimental to the people of Metsimaholo and therefore could not vote for EFF candidates. Likewise, the FF Plus could not support the ANC candidates as the ANC has already proved unable to rule. The FF Plus had previously spoiled ballot papers during the election of these offices because it could not abstain and both parties’ candidates are not fit to govern the municipality efficiently.”

“It is unacceptable for a party to use its voters in Metsimaholo’s votes to agree to retain power in other municipalities at the expense of residents’ interests in Metsimaholo.”

“The ANC and SACP also abuse Metsimaholo as a power play at the expense of residents’ interests.”

“The FF Plus is committed to the implementation of its opposition mandate and will continue to serve and protect its voters’ interests. The FF Plus remains principled and will not abandon its voters,” said Wessels.

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