Cuban terrorist exalted in South Africa

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Cuban terrorist exalted in South Africa
Cuban terrorist exalted in South Africa - Image - Die Vryburger

It is unacceptable that a place where people should be healed is named after a person who is remembered for his violence, said Wouter Wessels, FF Plus MP for the Free State.

Mr. Wessels responded to the announcement that a clinic in Sasolburg was named after the Cuban warlord, Ché Guevara.

According to Wessels, Guevara was also known for his racist statements against black people. Among other things, he said blacks are lazy dreamers who spend their income on vanities and drink.”

“The Free State government’s obsession with Cuba and Fidel Castro will now reach new heights with the inauguration of the Ché Guevara clinic. It is clear that the ANC has released to the SACP voters the worship of Guevara for the election in Sasolburg later this month.”

“Guevara took lives and caused destruction, and was an important instrument for enforcing Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba.”

“He was responsible for the execution of thousands of people, including women, children, journalists and anyone who did not agree with its leader, Fidel Castro’s totalitarian leadership, and policy.”

“The ANC wants to make a hero of Guevara, but history teaches us that he was a tyrant and a killer who did not hesitate to kill people. He also established labor camps where people were living in dire conditions,” said Wessels.

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