Correctional Center hostage drama, warder stabbed to death

South African Police

Correctional Center hostage drama, warder stabbed to death
Correctional Center hostage drama, warder stabbed to death

A female warder based at Goedemoed Correctional Service Center was stabbed to death after being held hostage at the center with her fellow female colleague.

On Friday, 29 March 2019 at about 15:30 when the unfortunate incident took place, two officials found themselves held hostage in the office at the Correctional Center. According to the information, the sentenced prisoner who was busy with cleaning duties forced both officials in the office where he locked himself with them.

After realizing what was happening, the authorities at the center mobilized the response teams including SAPS hostage negotiator who started negotiating the release of the officials for almost three hours, after which the prisoner surrendered.

When the response teams comprising of Correctional service officials and Tactical Response Team (TRT) entered the office they discovered a body of 35 year old warder full of blood due stab wounds sustained while held hostage. Her 33 year old colleague was still alive and treated for shock as she appeared to be traumatized.

The prisoner was rearrested and taken into custody, he will be charged with murder, and other charges might be added based on the outcomes of interviews with the survived warder and the results of post mortem.

Particulars of the deceased warder and her fellow colleague will only be made known after their families are formerly notified.

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