Four suspects arrested after Swartkops robbery

Four suspects arrested after Swartkops robbery
Swartkops robbery suspects.

Just after 10 on Tuesday morning a guard reported that he saw four suspicious looking men running in the field with household items in their possession on a site in Swartkops.

The guard called for help from the Drift Reaction control centre and also alerted the community. Members of the community started chasing after the four and Drift Reaction joined in.

All the escape routes were then blocked off and the suspects tried their luck down river. Two robbers were rounded up soon and after searching high and low through the dense bush and down the river the other two were arrested.

The stolen goods were recovered next to the river and after some questioning the four admitted that they had broken into a house on a small holding in Swartkops. They are being detained at SAPS Muldersdrift and their fingerprints as well as profiles checked to possibly link them to other cases.

Good work from the community and security company ensured a successful arrest.

Source: Drift Reaction cc

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