Four men accused of killing Franziska also face rape charges

Four men accused of killing Franziska also face rape charges
Franziska Blöchliger. Photo via Twitter.

Shock and anger were palpable in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Friday when it emerged that the four men accused of killing Franziska Blöchliger were also facing rape charges.

“There is an indication that the victim in this matter was raped anally as well as vaginally,” prosecutor Kepler Uys told the court.

He added that semen was found on the scene and had been sent for forensic analysis.

People in the benches whispered furiously and one person drew his finger across his neck in a slicing motion when the accused looked his way.

The four made their first appearance in the dock, following the 16-year-old’s death in Tokai Forest on Monday.

Her parents were not present in court, but family, friends and residents of different communities offered their support in court.

The third offence on the charge sheet was robbery with aggravating circumstances.

The teen was robbed of her iPhone, watch, headset and diamond ring.

Uys said the accused were linked via witnesses and were found in possession of her belongings.

The four applied for a legal aid lawyer.

They were told that they would be held at the Wynberg police cells because the State needed to verify further bail information.

One of the accused told the court he was unhappy because he would not be able to receive visitors there.

He also wanted to take his clothes with him to prison and be able to bath, so asked that he be kept at Pollsmoor Prison instead.

The court assured him that he would get items such as soap and shampoo in the cells.

A person in the benches could be heard saying: “This one wants luxury, né?! He doesn’t deserve luxury.”

Residents speculated that he wanted to go to Pollsmoor because a relative worked there.

According to the charge sheet, three of the accused come from Westlake. One lives in Steenberg. It lists their ages as between 21 and 32.

The matter was postponed until March 18 for a bail application.

Source – News24

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