Four Armed robbers arrested in Kuilsriver

Four Armed robbers arrested in Kuilsriver

On Thursday night four suspected armed robbers were caught and arrested by Bassett Alarms and SAPS in Kuilsriver.

Armed response officer Jansen Van Vuuren was parked on Amandel Road, Kuilsriver just after 20H00 when he noticed a vehicle accident occur in front of him.

The officer called for back-up from his colleagues and requested Bassett Central contact emergency services. The four occupants of the vehicle jumped out as the vehicle came to a standstill and started to run away.

Shift senior Streicher arrived moments later and they chased the four suspects, managing to detain and arrest three.

Kuilsriver SAPS members arrived on the scene shortly afterwards. The vehicle was searched and several items including money were found that could be linked to an armed robbery earlier the evening in Klapmuts.

One of the suspects also had a firearm on him. It turned out to be only a CO2 operated toy gun. At 01H46 Armed Response officer Jansen Van Vuuren was patrolling when he noticed a suspect that fitted the description of the fourth suspect walking. He stopped next to the suspect and asked him to stop and to show his hands. The suspect stopped and lifted his arms.

Officer Jansen Van Vuuren handcuffed the suspect before searching him and found a revolver hidden on him with live rounds loaded. Bassett Central contacted SAPS members whom arrived a short while later to detain the suspect. Several more round of ammunition was found on the suspect.

All four suspects were arrested and taken away for further investigation. Quick reaction and training ensured a successful and safe arrest.

Photos of the arrest.


Kuilsriver armed robbers.


Robbers crashed-car-in-Kuilsriver

Source: Bassett Alarms

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