Follow Mandela’s advice and get rid of the ANC

Who recalls the speech of Nelson Mandela in which he said: “If the ANC does to you what the apartheid government did to the country, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid government.”

The ANC celebrates its 103rd birthday today. Hopefully the end is near.

  • We often hear that the apartheid government kept people from proper employment as a result of their skin colour. Just wondering in which way that is any different from Affirmative Action or BEE, seeing that unemployment went up by 60% in the 2 decades of ANC government.


  • Under the apartheid regime people were not safe. Not enough was done to protect people against crime in the townships. Now, not even referring to the brutal and genocidal attacks on our farmers (6 murders in 6 days from 1 to 6 January 2015!!!), under the ANC government South Africa has become the rape capital of the world, we are on the world top ten list for murders (49 per day if I recall correctly) and officially the country where the most hijacks take place.


  • In apartheid South Africa the youth rebelled against the education system in 1976. At least they had one then. After 20 years of ANC rule we have achieved the dubious distinction of being 140th on a list of 144 countries for our education system. The latest matric results and the corruption around that deserves a special footnote here, I’d think.


  • Apartheid South Africa was poverty and sanctions, right? Well, under the ANC the Rand/Dollar exchange rate went from R3-41 to R11-85 and the fuel price went up from R1-73/ litre to R11-00/litre. Now we struggle!


  • Oh yes, and apartheid was the regime where people had no houses, right? I recall Joe Slovo’s big mouthed promise of a million houses in 5 years. Oddly enough, under ANC rule we now have 10 times more people in squatter camps and 1000% increase in illegal immigration, compared to 1989.


  • Under the apartheid system young people were educated and accordingly punished for breaking rules and laws. Under the ANC government we now have the situation where 25% of school girls are HIV+ and where school girls had 100 000 LEGAL abortions in 2013 only! 90 000 girls dropped out of school in 2013 because of teenage pregnancy. Who the heck is supposed to take care of all those babies? Oh yeah, the social services who must be funded with foreign aid and taxes paid by the white minority – how could I forget? Silly me!


  • By 1990 we had one of the top 5 Defence Forces in the World. These days SANDF vehicle drivers overturn a Caspir on the open road – in all probability on their way to try and defend us from an attack by the Swaziland navy!


  • It is often claimed that Apartheid polititians were corrupt. Yeah? Well, despite the fact that our State President regards corruption as a Western concept by his own admission, the ANC really re-defined corruption! On the list of most corrupt governments we enjoy a special place right at the top! And why would that be? Because we are officially the country with the most convicted criminals in our parliament anywhere in the universe. That is a career path for you: Lie, cheat, steal, rape and murder and end up in Parliament. (Oh, and for Pete’s sake: Evade paying Taxes as far as possible!)

Is it true then that ANC rule is the same as apartheid rule? Good heavens no! Ab-so-lute-ly not! They are far-far worse! So, shall we follow Madiba’s advise and get rid of them? Without a doubt!

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