Five-Year-old saves sister during farm murder VIDEO

Five-Year-old saves sister during farm murder VIDEO
Farmer murdered in Eastern Cape

The people and especially the white minority group of South Africa have the right to take whatever steps necessary to protect themselves from crime. Here is the story of a farm murder and the brave five-year-old who saved his three-year-old sister during a farm attack. It is a story that raises awareness of the brutal farm attacks happening in South Africa. Farm murders in South Africa always end with the life of one person or an entire family being wiped out. Farm murders are a reality, and the brutality and torture innocent people during attacks are gruesome. Farm murders occur all the time in South Africa and have been a major concern for the safety of farmers.

The story of the 5-year-old is a story of how a brave a young boy took action to save his little sister of three. This incident occurred during 2012 during a cold winter night. The child was playing and heard a gunshot, he ran inside and saw a black man wearing a balaclava holding a gun. The boy saw his dead mother on the bed and ran away. He grabbed his little sister and fled the house. The two children walked almost two kilometers towards the safety of their grandparents home and to get help for their mother.

The boy, fortunately, knew the road to his grandparents home, and although the children were cold, traumatized and in pain, they endured to a long walk. An elderly couple traveling down the road saw the children and stopped to help. Once the children were safe, the police and ambulance were alerted. The father said the investigation revealed that his wife was beaten but not raped. It was a cold-blooded murder, and the offender did not take possessions in the house.

South Africa has an extremely high crime rate and observed as a dangerous place. Farm murders are the cause of attacks against farmers and their land. Are farm murders a tactical action to scare farmers off the land and leave the country or racially motivate? The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) stated that farm attacks were not motivated by race but rather by greed. The South African Police say there is no evidence of organized assaults against farmers. Based on this finding it would then appear that farm attacks are not planned and not race related but are ordinary murders.

It is not so, the brutality and torture farmers endure before being killed, is no ordinary crime. Farm attacks are not without horrendous attacks and often woman are raped, children are burnt, and men are tortured. The murdering hooligans who attack farmers are dangerous, and most farmers that are killed are white. Therefore, it can be accounted that race is motivation.

At all times, the white minority needs to remain aware of the criminal elements lurking around. South Africa is a dangerous place and crime is increasing. Greed can be factor and unemployment is another factor. There are the disillusioned millions who are convinced that the white minority stole the land and will take it back by force. The story of the five-year-old is an awareness story that the minority must not forget the dangers that lurk everywhere.

The Video was recorded in Afrikaans with English subtitles.
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