Farmers need to improve preparedness

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Farmers need to improve preparedness
Farmers need to improve preparedness- Image - Die Vryburger

TAU SA has urged farmers to tighten up their security and join security structures.

The call comes from TAU SA’s deputy president and chairman of the safety committee.

He said there were already 23 attacks in which six people were killed this month and 277 attacks in the last year in which 55 people died.

He is supported by Dr. Pieter Groenewald of FF Plus, who says the wave of country-wide farm murders and attacks, especially in recent weeks, is increasingly urgent for farmers to join the security systems of their agricultural unions.

Dr. Groenewald plans to write to all agricultural organizations to make provision for their financial and other needs such as farm security devices, after which he will approach the government to provide financial support to these organizations’ support systems.

“If the government is really serious about food security and combating farm murders, he will have to start supporting these needs as the police’s rural security plan apparently cannot cope.”

“The conditions on farms require farmers and their families to quickly activate safety systems in the event of an attack.”

“I, therefore, appeal primarily to farmers to join these security communities. I also appeal to politicians, especially about the land issue, to refrain from inflammatory statements that can affect attacks against farmers,” said Dr. Groenewald.

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