Farmer’s head split open during farm attack

Farmer’s head split open during farm attack

A farmer from the Paarl area in the Western Cape, South Africa was admitted to hospital after his head was split open during a farm attack with a machete (panga) and his ribs broken with a crowbar.

Isaac (Sakkie) Kleinhans (53) and his wife, Kerry, were attacked on their farm on Tuesday night, June 16, 2015, about 12 km from Wellington by four suspects.

Jannie Kleinhans, Sakkie’s cousin, told Maroela Media, Sakkie was in the kitchen around 22:20 when he heard a noise at the back door. He went to investigate and ran into four robbers.

“They had a crowbar, a machete and a long iron pole that they probably ripped from the ground at the fence. Sakkie said the pole was still muddy,” said Jannie.

“We suspect they are from the area, because they spoke Afrikaans. Sakkie told them to leave but they just started beating him. They cut open his head with the machete and broke his ribs with the crowbar.” They also apparently cut Sakkie’s ear with a knife.

Two of the suspects went to the room where they tied Kerry to the bed and beat her. They later dragged Sakkie to the room and also strapped him to the bed.

“Then they ransacked the house. It looked like a hurricane went through,” Jannie said.

“Sakkie and Kerry laid on the bed and he told her: Now we must keep quiet, because they will kill us.”

The suspects fled about 20 minutes later with a bakkie’s keys, cell phones, a computer, television, clothes, blankets, meat and other household goods.

Sakkie later managed to untie himself and the couple ran to the neighboring farm at 01:00 in the morning to call for help. Sakkie was admitted to a local hospital and discharged on Wednesday.

“He told me he will not return to the farm to live there, he was too scared,” Johnny said.

“They are now moving to Riebeeck Kasteel, where he will be working on a pig farm, but I think they will stay in town. It is too dangerous on a farm.”

Jannie said, he himself, lived on a farm for many years, but moved to town out of fear for his safety. “A very good friend I have known since my college days, was murdered two years ago on his farm. One tries to stay positive and be optimistic towards the government, but it doesn’t seem if anything is being done. I can only be grateful that Sakkie and Kerry are still alive.”

Maroela Media was not able, despite several attempts, to get any comment from the police.

Source – Maroela Media

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