Farmer attacked on farm near Edenburg

Farmer attacked on farm near Edenburg

Danie Theron (48), a farmer from the farm Bergfontein near Edenburg was ambushed by three villains in his home on May 10, 2015. He fired four quick shots at them and called for help after he was hit with a piece of iron on the head.

“Sis, they are attacking me!” Theron screamed to his sister, Annelien Liebenberg on his cellphone during the fierce battle.

While the attackers ran away after he fired at them, she phoned family and friends to inform the police of the farm attack.

“I heard him shouting at them when they fled,” she said.

His daughter, Deniel (17), a grade 12 pupil at Eunice, luckily spent the weekend at Liebenberg’s place in Bloemfontein.

While his actions probably saved his life, her actions contributed to the farmers quick reaction by cordoning off the farm and also the fast reaction of the police rushing to the farm.

A farmer, who cordoned off a road, saw three young men walking nonchalantly on the road. They were identified as suspects and arrested by police.
Allegedly one suspect was recently released from prison and another suspect is believed to have lived on the farm earlier. All three are from Edenburg.

Liebenberg said her brother was alone on the farm during the morning. He went horseback riding and discovered suspicious footprints in the field.
He was attacked as he dismounted and entered his home.

He suspected that the man who hit him, slept in the attic.

Theron always has a revolver with him. The moment he was hit, he turned around and shot at them. The gang had already cut the safe and his wallet with R1 500 was stolen.

Theron has lost a lot of blood. He was taken to a doctor in Trompsburg who stitched up the wound and put him on a drip.

His sister from Reddersburg, Hester Geyser who is the head nurse of the Trompsburg old age home, helped the doctor to attend to his wounds.

Liebenberg said the family was extremely shocked by the attack. The farm has been in their family’s possession for more than a century and this was the first attack.

“My brother says God always protects him on the farm. He always feels safe and can move about freely. He said to us after the attack: ‘Remember, I live.’”

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