Farm murders: ‘White cross monument’- ceremony 19 September 2020

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Farm murders: ‘White cross monument’- ceremony 19 September 2020
Farm murders: ‘White cross monument’- ceremony 18 September 2020

The upgrading of the ‘White cross monument’ (Witkruis Monument) and ceremony in memory of all the South African farmers who have been brutally murdered on their farms will take place on Saturday 19 September 2020, in Ysterberg, outside Polokwane, in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

The attacks on farms is most often accompanied by extreme violence, rape and torture and is not ‘just crime’ or ‘easy targets’ as suggested by some groups and organisations. In many instances farmers and or their families are brutally murdered just for a cell phone or less.

The South African ANC government simply denies the existence of these atrocities and the police refuse to categorize them as ‘priority crimes’.

The year so far:

1-15 September 2020- 26 farm attacks and 2 farm murders
August 2020- 52 farm attacks and 9 farm murders.
July 2020- 55 farm attacks, 9 farm murders.
June 2020- 56 farm attacks and 7 farm murders.
May 2020- 15 farm attacks and 4 farm murders.
April 2020- 17 farm attacks and 1 farm murder.
March 2020- 35 farm attacks and 6 farm murders.
February 2020- 31 farm attacks and 8 farm murders.
January 2020- 17 farm attacks.

From January 2019 to December 2019:

There were 472 farm attacks and 49 farm murders.

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