Farm murders: 50 new crosses laid in memory

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Farm murders: 50 new crosses laid in memory. Photo: FNSA
Farm murders: 50 new crosses laid in memory. Photo: FNSA

Fifty new white crosses in memory of those farmers slain in South Africa have been erected at the “White Cross Monument” on 1 September 2018. The brutal and ongoing farm attacks and farm murders that are not being recognised by the ANC government as a priority or even as a crisis that is out of control.

White farmers are the target of violent racist attacks, rape and torture. And the black leaders in South Africa are fueling these attacks by openly calling for the killing of whites and the blatant theft of their land.

Name, Age and date OF MURDER:

Werner Emslie 55 20/09/2017
Karl-Heinz Kossmann 71 26/09/2017
Pottie Peterson 73 14/09/2017
Joubert Conradie 47 24/10/2017
Mark Fagan 46 14/10/2017
J.H.van Wyk 69 13/10/2017
Vic Cooks 75 17/08/2017
Kyle Stols 22 22/10/2017
Craig Smith 70 15/10/217
Christo Redelinghuys 60 19/11/2017
Kat Fourie 70 14/11/2017
Hennie Oosthuizen 49 09/12/2016
Boet Smal 70 26/05/2016
Colin Baker 43 02/12/2017
Gunter Prigge 66 22/12/2017
June Butler 79 04/01/2018
Renier Attie Jooste 60 06/01/2018
Riana Louw du Toit 44 07/02/2018
Sarie Botha 80 03/02/2018
Giel Botha 79 03/02/2018
Martin Louw 59 14/03/2018
Dirk Steenekamp 71 04/03/2018
Dez Krause 62 17/04/2018
Heila Killian 62 16/04/2018
Jasper van Kleist 61 21/03/2018
Boet Smal 70 26/05/2018
Colleen Engelbrecht 74 13/05/2018
Fanie Engelbrecht 78 13/05/2018
Esther Smal 60 26/05/2018
Louwtjie Erasmus 44 30/06/2018
Klaus Meier 81 15/06/2018
Jeffrey Zetler 62 23/06/2018
Kallie Schoonraad 47 24/06/2018
Peter Dawson 64 24/06/2018
Gabriel C Bruwer 78 26/06/2018
Marian Bruwer 67 26/06/2018
Laetitia Jacobs 45 17/07/2018
Tom Gouws 57 25/07/2018
J van Rensburg 74 27/08/2018

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