Fake news now policed by biggest ‘fake news’ producers

Riot in protest to the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States November 10, 2016. Photo: REUTERS

The far-left media have set up a system to determine if reports posted by users of social media are true. A closer inspection has established that the left-media are involved in the institutions that scrutinize the truth. It is now advertised which organizations should be used to determine the truth of social reports.

The left-wing media, who have for past decades controlled the thought process of the masses, are disillusioned because they have lost the grip on the majority’s thinking and are now trying to reorganize in order to restore their opinion-forming power.

The one-sided half-truths about future president, Donald Trump, during the presidential election and debilitating propaganda persists, that left the majority disillusioned and left media is no longer believed; Neither is the leftist media in South Africa.

The latest attempt to dictate to the people on how they should think about their participation on social media is shocking and is a manifestation of the new world order that wants to take over the entire thinking process of the masses.

Media readers who want to protect their independent judgment and thinking must decide what reports they trust. Media readers are advised to avoid the alleged “truth” institutions and their recommendations. Those that have until now distorted the truth cannot provide guidance on the truth of the truth.

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