Expropriation without compensation: TLU SA prepares for legal battle

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Expropriation without compensation: TLU SA prepares for legal battle. Photo: Pixabay
Expropriation without compensation: TLU SA prepares for legal battle. Photo: Pixabay

TLU SA is preparing to assist landowners in cases of expropriation without compensation. This is following the discussions on 6 November 2019, with the ad-hoc committee appointed by parliament to investigate how Article 25 of the constitution – dealing with expropriation without compensation – can be amended.

“It is clear that the committee’s focus is solely on how legislation is to be amended and excludes any discussion around what the outcome of these changes will be,” said Mr Louis Meintjes, president of TLU SA. “Any inputs provided by parties representing agriculture were continually labelled as irrelevant.”

“It is extremely concerning that aspects such as the negative impact on the economy, investor uncertainty, down grading by credit agencies and, most importantly, the destruction of food security, carry absolutely no weight in this discussion. The sole focus is that land must be expropriated. This, despite numerous examples of how it has already failed miserably due to corruption, greed and ignorance. It is certainly not to South Africa’s benefit.”

The undue haste to present the amendment to parliament is also highly suspect. The committee has recommended that the concept amendment be drafted by 27 November 2019 where after it will be available for four weeks for public comment by mid-December and January 2020.

Public participation sessions are scheduled for February with final submissions presented to the committee on 20 March. It will be presented to parliament on 31 March.

“TLU SA has already commenced with an international program to obtain global legal opinion and will release these as soon as possible,” said Mr Meintjes. “What is very clear is that the committee views the process as a mere formality and that we believe that any amendments will only be achieved through community pressure and litigation.

“We, therefore, make an urgent plea to South Africans concerned about the protection of the agricultural sector, food security and property rights, to support and contribute to TLU SA’s Property Rights Fund in view of the legal battles that lie ahead.”

Contributions to the Property Rights Fund can be made to the following bank account:

Absa account: 405 040 0686
Electronic bank code: 632005
Deposits branch code: 334445

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