Expropriation: ANC and its supporters are trying to mislead South Africa

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Expropriation: ANC and its supporters are trying to mislead South Africa
Expropriation: ANC and its supporters are trying to mislead South Africa

The ANC government and its supporters have deliberately tried to misuse the parliamentary Constitutional Review Committee on expropriation without compensation to obtain a false outcome regarding the land issue in South Africa.

The FF Plus decided to take a stand against this and Dr Corné Mulder, Chief Whip of the FF Plus, objected strongly in the Committee against the ANC driven scheming.

Today, in his official submission to the Committee, Dr Mulder said, among other things, that the FF Plus is of the opinion that the current process followed by the Constitutional Review Committee is fundamentally flawed.

He added that the FF Plus is also of the opinion that the Committee, which is chaired by two ANC MP’s, is cooperating with ANC members to present to Parliament a report and process that does not reflect the truth and that will embarrass Parliament and the President.

The EFF and the UDM are also keen to help the ANC do this.

The FF Plus only decided to participate in the final process as it became evident that the above mentioned parties are willing to present to Parliament and the public of South Africa a flawed process with no regard for the truth.

The FF Plus’s observations and recommendations are made with the aim to object to the ANC’s actions and to expose the invalidity and procedural errors of the process followed by the Committee.

In amending the Constitution, or an entrenched part of it, by means of legislation, not a single procedural error can be made. The process that the Constitutional Review Committee followed is, however, riddled with flaws.

The FF Plus distances itself from the procedural errors, outcome and recommendations of the Committee as well as the actions of some of the members of the Committee who were warned by the FF Plus on more than one occasion that their actions and the procedure that they are following is flawed.

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