Expropriation, AfriForum informs the world, rejects Sisulu’s crit


Expropriation, AfriForum informs the world, rejects Sisulu’s crit
Expropriation, AfriForum informs the world, rejects Sisulu's crit

AfriForum is continuing with its campaign to inform international governments and opinion makers of the threat to property rights and farm murders in South Africa, in spite of criticism voiced against this organisation by Lindiwe Sisulu, the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation.

AfriForum rejects her allegations that it is spreading false information and sparking panic.

According to Alana Bailey, Deputy CEO of AfriForum responsible for international liaison, the facts distributed in this regard by AfriForum can be verified.

It is a fact that during its national congress in December 2017, the ANC as ruling party accepted expropriation without compensation as their policy. It is also a fact that on 27 February 2018, the South African Parliament voted with a majority in favour of embarking on a process to enable expropriation without compensation.

Additionally, it is a fact that South African farmers are under threat. When the statistics of the South African Police Service of the past 21 years are analysed, the conservative finding is that, on average, more than one farm attack occurs per day and more than one farm murder per week.

“The fact that the government, represented by Minister Sisulu apparently does not find these facts to be unacceptable, proves why it is essential for a civil rights organisation like AfriForum to drive a campaign of this nature. The Minister’s reassurance that the government’s actions will take place within the framework of the Constitution does nothing to allay any concerns, as the amendment of the Constitution itself is a part of the process in favour of which Parliament had voted.

The Government may underestimate the intelligence of international governments and opinion makers, but AfriForum is not guilty of this mistake,” Bailey concludes.

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