Expats bashing South Africa a problem?

Apparently expats bashing the country from abroad are all wrong and it’s causing damage to the reputation of the country. We are just supposed to lie and tell everyone that it’s hunky-dory back home and that if anyone wants to visit then they don’t have to worry about the crime and violence.

This is according to ANC Minister Collin Chabane, who was shocked to hear a taxi driver in Dubai tell him that SA is a “very bad country”.

So, the brave Mr Chabane decided to accompany Brand South Africa to Australia – on another all-paid luxurious field trip and flying first-class no doubt – to lecture expats that they have just imagined all the problems and that the country was going great!

Yeah, we all left for no reason at all. We uprooted our families, got rid of our beloved pets, left family and friends behind, just so that we could bash the country from abroad. No other reason….

As you may have deduced by now, I didn’t attend one of these uplifting events held in Australia where the ANC and the other idiots came to tell us how great it is back home. To tell us what we’re missing out on. They picked Melbourne and Sydney to hold their little Kumbaya events – not Perth, which is home to the most expats here in Australia. Queensland is next, yet they decided that Melbourne and Sydney were the places to be.

Farking nutjob gravy-train stooges.

Well, sorry Mr Chabane, but this expat will continue to tell the truth. My auditors asked why I had left South Africa and I told all 5 of them that I left because South Africa is now run by corrupt racist politicians, that there was no future for my sons, and that the crime is out of control. JUST LIKE THAT. No covering the truth. No putting it in flowery terms. No double-speak. Just the truth about why I took my family and left my homeland. That’s why I put my family through the trauma of leaving all that they knew and loved – not because nothing was wrong and it was all in my imagination….

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