Examples of ANC government Promises versus Reality

Examples of ANC government Promises versus Reality

Here are a few other examples of ANC promises vs the reality:

Digital TV: digital TV signal broadcasting was to be switched on 1 November 2008 and the analogue signal switched off in November 2011. STATUS: Still waiting…

Zuma job creation promise: in June 2009 Zuma said that “between now and December 2009, we plan to create about 500,000 job opportunities”; with another 4 million added by 2014. STATUS: 395,000 jobs were lost between July and December 2009, with only 561,000 jobs added between 2009-2014…

Medupi power station: Construction started 2007, with the first unit promised to be operational by September 2011. STATUS: Now on track to be operational June 2015 (fingers crossed)…

And here is what ANC job creation looks like – it takes 6 people to paint a piece of pavement, all paid for by the tax payer”:



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