European Parliaments, Stuart Agnew’s report on farm murders, SA

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European Parliaments, Stuart Agnew’s report on farm murders, SA
European Parliaments, Stuart Agnew's report on farm murders, SA

Member of the European Parliament from the British United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Stuart Agnew’s report on his mission to South Africa: ‘I seized the opportunity in mid March to go to South Africa with another MEP (Italian) from my ENF Parliament Group to gain more information on the South African farm murders. We were accompanied by two staff members, one of whom was born as an Afrikaner and the other an Italian journalist.

South Africa receives 50 million euros per year in aid from the EU.

I lived in the country 45 years ago for six months and one very negative development that hit me immediately is the appalling functioning of the electrical grid supply. A generator is essential for all power consumers to cover two lots of two hour blackouts per day, which is about to increase to three hours. They call it ‘load shedding’. It has a direct effect on farm security, eg, fences and lights, but also the strength of signal on mobile phones.

The reasons for this disaster are twofold. The racial employment policies enacted by the African National Congress (ANC) Government have resulted in a loss of experienced technicians at ESKOM (the power company), who have been replaced by people with the correct skin colour but incorrect qualifications. At the same time, colossal sums of money have been siphoned out of ESKOM,creating yet another corruption scandal.

The structure of our visit was to first meet the EU Ambassador and tell him the purpose of our trip. We were then to meet ‘stakeholders’ over three days and, finally, report back to him with our findings. His line at our first visit was a repeat of the ANC line, that there is a lot of murder in South Africa, with more Black victims than White. As Whites are only 10% of the population, this is disingenuous.

We were based in Pretoria and drove out to venues east of the city to meet politicians, police stations, farmers union leaders, farm watch organisers, race relations organisations, private investigators and, of course, survivors of farm attacks. To put the problem in perspective, the murder rate in most countries is under five people per 100,000 of the population, in South Africa as a whole it is ten per 100,000 and for White farmers it is 132 per 100,000.

As a result of these discussions, I felt that motives for attacks on farms fell into three categories.

The least bad are the ‘food thieves’, groups of illegal immigrants who have arrived (fleeing hunger) in very large numbers from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They set up shanty towns beside municipal rubbish dumps, scavenging what they can, and then at night roam farms, taking maize cobs and trapping livestock. The site I visited was estimated to hold about 3,500 people and all adjoining White farms had been completely abandoned. The farms are smaller than I expected, at least in this region, with most being under 100 hectares.

These are desperate individuals and easy recruits for the next category, which I class as ‘organised crime’, usually involving pre-meditated murder because dead men and women tell no tales. The leaders are local people with local knowledge. Their casual attitude to murder is partly due to the popular song of the far left Economic Freedom Fighters Party (EFF) that chants “Kill the farmer, kill the Boer” at EFF rallies. The EFF is steadily gaining seats in the Parliament. Sometimes, the police will make a genuine effort to help and a prosecution is achieved. However, usually, they attend the scene with no follow up. One victim told me that, after his wife had been shot dead and he in the spine, the robbers fled with some valuables taken from one particular room. When the police arrived, they spent a lot of time collecting ‘evidence’ from another room, which they removed from the house in bags. This ‘evidence’,which included items of value, was never returned.

Police numbers are inadequate due to budget constraints and they themselves get killed in urban gang conflicts to the tune of 50 per 100,000 per year.

The third category ‘racial terrorism and genocide’ involves gratuitous sadism prior to assassination. Terrorists will break into a property and wait for the arrival of a White person(s). Tortures include burning after being doused in fuel, emersion of limbs in scalding water, being ‘ironed’ with a hot electric iron,being drilled through hands and feet with an electric drill, conventional rapes and rapes using broom handles or broken bottles. A baby was microwaved.

The private investigator we met had a portfolio of gruesome photographs. We were shown the less bad examples.

The farmers are reacting by operating night patrols in pickups with searchlights, which will divert immediately to a distress call. Funding these, and other security measures, now accounts for about half of a farmer’s disposable income.

The justification for these farm attacks is that Blacks own very little farm land whilst (apparently) the Whites own most of it. In reality, the State owns 22% of all land and a further 24% is owned by trusts. There are 4,000 unallocated farms on the Government’s books awaiting distribution.

The website of the ruling ANC Party openly declares that they support the expropriation of property without compensation. Property is considered to be anything of value owned by an individual.

When I met the EU Ambassador for the second time, I urged him to encourage the Commission to divert their financial aid towards the purchase, on behalf of the Government, of some of the viable farmland that regularly appears on the market. EU auditors would monitor the use of this farmland, using some of the aid as grants or loans to the new occupiers. I pointed out that a profitable farm business would pay tax, produce food and have a Black farmer. All boxes would be ticked. This suggestion, incidentally, had been put to me by the President of the Farmers Union.

South Africa is going down the route of Venezuela, this depressed me. What hugely impressed me was the unity and fortitude of the Boers and the support they are starting to receive from Black informers’.

Stuart Agnew MEP

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