Eskom on the brink of collapse

Die Vryburger

Eskom on the brink of collapse
Eskom on the brink of collapse. Photo: Die Vryburger

According to the chief executive of Eskom, the power supplier is caught up in a huge debt burden. As a result, the 15% increase over the next three years is requested and motivated.

Suddenly, all South Africans have to play a role to turn Eskom’s lights on. So those who pay their bills regularly have to pay for failed municipalities and for those who do not pay their Eskom accounts.

The claim of an unreasonable 15% increase in tariffs is nothing new at Eskom because every time it is just asked to subsidize the pathetic management practices.

Experts point out that current practices at the power supply are the reason why they will never get rid of the debt burden, and will sink deeper into the mess every year.

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