Escapee shoves his own faeces in officer’s mouth

A man in the back of a Cape Town police car has found an unusual way to escape – by apparently shoving his faeces into a police officer’s mouth.

The officer, dressed in civilian clothing with a pistol at his waist, was seen opening the back door of the moving vehicle and spitting during rush-hour traffic on Wednesday afternoon.

He then climbed out, stood on the pavement near Spin Street, and gesticulated at the vehicle.

‘Hy het op sy hand gekak’

Curious bystanders heard him screaming, “Hy het op sy hand gekak en dit in my mond gedruk!” [He defecated onto his hand and pushed it in my mouth].

The visibly disgusted officer kept on spitting as he walked up Plein Street, in the direction of the city’s police station, a witness told News24.

With the vehicle’s back door still open, a man got out and looked around wildly before running in the direction of Adderley Street.

He did not appear to be handcuffed or have any weapons.

Another man, believed to be an officer in plain clothing, popped out of the back of the vehicle and ran after him, said the witness.

The driver and front passenger stayed in the vehicle and moved along with traffic.

Common tactic

Western Cape police did not immediately respond to a query with information on the incident or the outcome.

Quite a few suspects used their faeces to make a quick escape and this was a “real concern”, an officer within the Cape Town central police station admitted on Thursday.

The officer, who could not be named, said the issue was discussed at a management meeting.

He said the tactic was commonly used by those suspected of selling drugs, and security officials for various organisations had also complained about it.

“It is a very difficult situation and we said to our members that they have got to then restrict movement and make sure suspects are handcuffed from behind.”

“They also need to be careful for germs.”

Source: News24

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