Electric cable thief gets burnt VIDEO

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Electric cable thief gets burnt VIDEO
Electric cable thief gets burnt VIDEO

Free electricity, just connect your shack to Eskom’s sub-station. Watch the video as a cable thief tries to connect to free electricity and gets burnt in the process. Why do people risk their lives to get electricity? Most shack dwellers do not have access to electricity or running water and tamper with cables to light up their lives. For years, people in squatter camps have succumbed to stealing electricity. The worst part is that live wires lay on the ground, and children often get killed.

South Africa has for the past several years had problems with electricity. Illegal power lines spring up all over the country and especially around informal settlements. The government is squarely to blame for not providing proper housing and infrastructure stability.

Informal settlements, an area consisting of shacks with no good infrastructure is the living residences from millions of South Africans. The people living in these dirty places have little hope of getting out of the slum conditions. It is humiliating conditions that people have to endure, and it is all in the name of democracy.

People usually tamper with electricity and set up illegal connections just to have a little light, or maybe cook some food. I can imagine how dreary their lives must be. How many years do these poor people have to live in such damaging conditions, not to forget the health risk? When will the ANC government start spending the money on the poor or will these people of the slums forever be cursed under freedom.


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