Elections: Are the majority of South African voters short-sighted?

Elections South Africa 2019

Elections: Are the majority of South African voters short-sighted?
Elections: Are the majority of South African voters short-sighted?

It is very interesting to note that the majority of South Africans who are supporters of the ANC government clearly do have some sort of unexplainable disorder. After a quarter of a century of ANC destruction these voters who are affected everyday in every aspect of their lives by the incompetence and failures still support the catastrophe of the present government.

Whether it is education, access to social media and current news, disinformation, or are just ill-advised, it’s mind boggling that in the face of an unprecedented disaster in the country that so many South Africans will still vote for the corrupt, thieving, lying and destructive present government.

The healthcare system is non existent, the education system is in shambles, electricity supply is teetering on a complete collapse, drinking water is contaminated and mostly undrinkable, service delivery from municipalities is at an all time low, the police service and South African defence force are ill-equipped, understaffed and incompetent, there is no functional transport system and with poverty and unemployment at an all time high there is simply no plan being offered by the ANC government.

Expropriation (theft) of people’s property, theft of pension funds, theft of investments at VBS bank, theft of monies from municipalities, theft of funds set for upliftment projects, theft of monies from international organisations designated for both medical and housing projects and the numerous lies by government in the face of it all are adding to the dilemma of the actual ability of the voters in South Africa.

Under ANC leadership, the state coffers were looted, cadres stole all the state assets that they could get their hands on and crime is out of control. What the ANC government has done to the country over the last 25 years is like a horror movie yet the cast of the show carry on relentless.

Nobody in the country is better off after 25 years of ANC rule, in fact everybody is very much more worse off and no light is in the tunnel. If a loaf of bread and a t shirt secure a vote from those starving in squatter camps something is clearly wrong!

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