Elderly man shot by robber in driveway

Elderly man shot by robber in driveway

“It was the closest I’d ever come to my death. I am just happy that I’m still alive.” These are the words of an elderly man after he was shot in the thigh outside his Strand-North home by a suspected robber armed with a sawed-off rifle on Saturday night.

The victim chose to remain anonymous for fear of victimization.

The 72-year-old says he wanted to park his car in the garage about 21:00. The car was parked outside in the driveway – that’s when the incident happened. Before he pulled the car in the garage, he looked around to make sure no suspicious people were hanging around outside.

His wife also was waited for him inside the garage to guide him in. But before he could turn off the car in the garage, a man attacked them.

“I saw a black figure walking up the driveway, and thought that it was one of our neighbors. But when the figure moved into the light, I realized it was an armed man,” said the man’s wife. “As he got closer, he pointed the gun at me and said, “Don’t shout,” but instinctively, I did… ”

She screamed loudly in the hope that someone would hear her and would soon help them. Her husband realized there was a problem when he heard her scream. “I looked across and saw the guy standing next to the car. I quickly opened the door of the car, jumped out, forced the man outside the garage and tried to close the garage door quickly” said the elderly man.

However, the attacker pointed his gun at the elderly man and fired a shot in his direction before the garage door was closed. The bullet hit him in his right thigh.
The man’s wife, meanwhile, rushed to the house and pushed the panic button. The alarm of the house went off and the couple could hear car pull away.

Gordon’s Bay Security was quickly on the scene and the elderly man was taken to Vergelegen Medi Clinic for medical help.

The elderly man said rather than obeying the armed man, he instinctively fought back against the intruder. “It could have been much worse. What if there were more men? What if they entered the house and we got robbed, or even worse, if we got assaulted? The possibilities are endless. I did the best under the circumstances, and it was God’s guidance that things turned out as it did,” said the elderly man.

The Strand police opened a case of attempted murder.

Heyns de Waal chief operating officer of Gordon’s Bay Securities said, after a period of relative calm on the crime front it is expected that armed robberies, hijackings and attempted hijackings will increase especially with the Christmas season around the corner.

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