Elderly man hit with axe on head during violent farm attack

Elderly man hit with axe on head during violent farm attack

De Wildt, South Africa – Today I had to hold my 74-year-old neighbor in my arms and we cry together. I still cry now. Hannes van der Merwe from De Wildt was attacked by three black youths on January 20, 2015 around 09:30 and hit with an axe on the head.

He was forced into the house with a gun to his head and tied up with his wife, Annatjie, in the bedroom.

She had tried to call for help on the radio but was hit on the head and the radio was ripped from the wall and smashed.

The house was ransacked to find the safe keys. Hannes was burned on both upper legs with an iron till the skin came off. Four guns were stolen as well as ammunition.

This old couple is like a mother and father to me and they had been brutally assaulted – they are destroyed.

Is it a human being with a soul that plan and perform these cruel deeds?

Their vehicle’s tires were slashed and when Hannes managed to get free he had to stumble a kilometer to our home to get help.

Come on De Wildt, come on South Africa… how long can we think “this will not happen to me”? We literally live in fear wherever we go, look over our shoulder and be aware, try to keep an eye open…enough is enough…

I feel hurt for all those who are victims… I feel sad for Hannes and Annatjie and their children. I feel sad for our beautiful country that’s being destroyed…

Rina Bester


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