Elderly farm couple tortured during Farm Attack

Elderly farm couple tortured during Farm Attack
Niklaas Maree showed the white stains on the floor of the barn - workers of his father, Mr Hennie Maree, tried to clean Hennie's blood from the floor with acid.

Potchefstroom – The attack by 6 men happened on October 5, 2014 at 5:00, when Hennie Maree went to the dairy, his dog gave one bark and the next moment Hennie was hit in the face with the butt end of a shotgun.

By then Hennie’s workers was already tied up in the diary. They took his note book and the money he had in his pocket. Niklaas Maree said his father was hit with a brick, because his wounds were full of dirt.

They tied Hennie up and dragged him to the homestead where he was kicked and hit several times and forced to open the safe, Niklaas Maree told reporters. He said they do not keep money in the house, because of farm attacks.

It’s uncertain at what stage his mother was tied to a bed.

Hennie was then dragged again on his stomach to the barn where a small amount of cash was taken.

The suspects tied him to a chair and left with his vehicle, cell phones, cash and a television.

Mrs Rensche Maree was tortured, kicked around, slapped in the face and even burnt with a hot iron.

Hennie is 75 and Rensche is 74 years old.

Hennie freed himself and drove by tractor to Tolmay’s Shop and phoned his son.


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