EFF’s attack on farmers – EFF itself is actually the workers’ greatest enemy

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EFF’s attack on farmers – EFF itself is actually the workers’ greatest enemy
EFF's attack on farmers - EFF itself is actually the workers’ greatest enemy

It is ironic that the EFF is requesting a debate in Parliament on the treatment of farm workers while the party itself is the greatest enemy of South African workers. The EFF’s attack on farmers, however, does not come as a surprise given their ideologically driven and stereotypical obsession with race.

The truth is that the agricultural sector is one of the country’s main economic pillars, even in the current dire economic situation with the highest unemployment rate to date, and it is still one of the country’s most stable job providers despite the recession and pandemic.

If one takes into account that there are many other challenges, like farm attacks, droughts as well as diseases and pests among crops and livestock, it becomes clear just how exceptionally well the agricultural sector is faring in these challenging times.

The majority of farmers treat their workers well and have a good working relationship with them. Farmers and workers both know that they are dependent on each other.

The EFF is making cheap politicking of serious labour matters and people’s livelihood. If people are mistreated, they are free to report it to the police. The same goes for the EFF and, thus, it is not necessary for a parliamentary ad-hoc committee to debate the matter.

Regarding amendments to labour legislation to provide even more protection for workers at the expense of farmers, the FF Plus wants to express that the existing labour legislation already offers workers more than enough protection and benefits.

Restrictive labour legislation is, after all, one of the main factors that hamper economic growth and job creation, also in the agricultural sector.

Recently, the media reported on an incident where a transport company in Henley-on-Klip had to retrench 200 employees and close its doors for good after protesters in EFF wear torched the company’s assets.

This is what the EFF wants to do to the agricultural sector as well.

Worldwide, agriculture is making great progress in the automation of the industry. Agriculture is under no obligation to create jobs and actions like the EFF’s will only serve to speed up the mechanisation revolution in the agricultural sector.

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