EFF involved in more hooligan behaviour

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EFF involved in more hooligan behaviour
EFF involved in more hooligan behaviour. Photo: Front Nasional SA

In an incident of racist hooliganism, reminiscent of the one when Robert Mugabe told a journalist that he is not prepared to answer questions from a white man, the Deputy President of the EFF attacked a News 24 journalist outside Parliament earlier this morning.

Floyd Shivambu refused to answer questions from journalist Adrian de Kock, and along with his bodyguard, then manhandled De Kock and tried to take hold of his camera and phone.

This conduct of hooliganism is nothing new to Shivambu. He was accused of violent behaviour towards members of the media while he was still a member of the ANC Youth League.

Once again South Africa, the land of freedom of speech and equal rights, is shamed by the racist and blatantly criminal conduct of an elected member of Parliament. The Parliamentary ethics committee should investigate this matter urgently and, if necessary, Shivambu should be suspended from Parliament for criminal behaviour on Parliamentary property.

After all, he took part in demanding Zuma’s removal for being a crook in Parliament!

And this is exactly the reason why Front National proposes the right to self determination for all groups in this country who refuses to be associated with this kind of behaviour any longer!

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