EFF – Born out of blood

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

EFF – Born out of blood
EFF - Born out of blood

It really seems that the 44 people killed at Marikana is all forgotten now as Malema is clearly eyeing a return to the ANC fold. He has really come full circle as he was kicked out of the ANC in April 2012.

The violence at Marikana was what breathed life into Malema’s political career. Malema was down and out by that time and on his farm bought with kickback money he obtained as remuneration for facilitating tenders in Limpopo. Malema was kicked out of the ANC by amongst others Cyril Ramaphosa for sowing dscord and for thuggish behaviour.

Marikana should have never happened. It was a perfect firestorm of mistakes. First local miners at the Lonmin mine where Ramaphosa was a director and shareholder became disillusioned with their pay and the way the NUM union, of which Ramaphosa was once the leader, treated them.

The rock drill operators were angered because they saw the local NUM bosses as being in the pocket of the mine bosses because the bosses gave them perks.

They demanded that NUM initiate a strike which NUM was oposed to. Violence started between NUM and strikers.
The violence quickly escalated and before long 10 people were dead, amongst them 2 police members and 2 security guards. This violence was unnecesary as was the need for the strikers to consult a sangoma to make them strong.
The firestorm just intensified as the Police management under the recently appointed Riah Phiyaga resolved to end the strike, egged on by Lonmin executives, amongst them Cyril Ramaphosa.

There were no heroes and the end result is that 44 people were killed in total for something that should have been resolved through negotiation.

At the heart of it all was the need for the strikers to earn more money and the need of the mine bosses not to pay the strikers more. Violence should have never happened but it gave Malema a new life as a politician as he was urged shortly after the Marikana shooting on 16 August 2012 to start a political party by the people involved in the strike.

A bloodbath gave birth to the EFF and the colour red is appropriate as Malema used to sing the Kill the Boer song also.

Malema and blood is synonymous. This man thrives in a situation of chaos and destruction and chaos and destruction is what gave birth to his political party, the EFF.

This man Malema has always been involved in chaos and opportunism is the name of his game. He is a fraud, he is a liar and he is the modern day Nongqawuse.

He is the great extortionist of South African politics and wherever he goes he sows discord and destruction. He was also the main driving force behind the elevation of Jacob Zuma as ANC leader.

I see this man Malema as very similiar to Germany’s Adolf Hitler who rose to power at a time of great uncertainty in Germany.

Malema is the greatest threat to a prosperous future. I believe South Africans can work out all issues but with Malema stirring the pot like a witch we might well derail totally and end up going over into the abyss from where we will never return.

Did we learn nothing from Marikana?

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

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