Education: 30% required to pass, now Grade 9 learners to get school certificates

Front National SA

The 1976 youth riots in Soweto, celebrated as “Youth Day” since 1994, resulted from the claim by the ANC that the Bantu Education Act was designed to keep black South African children uneducated so that they cannot ever rise to become more than servants and gardeners. This week the ANC minister of Education announced that school certificates will be issued to Grade 9 learners (already having passed previous grades with only a 30% requirement) to avoid too many of them failing in the Higher Grades.

They are hardly capable of more than weeding and ironing with such a profile, as it is! Even more so facing the fact that ANC corruption and BBBEE resulted in an almost 40% unemployment rate where, even black! , University Graduates find no better employment than becoming waiters and barmen.

What intrigues us the most is this: How is minister Motshekga’s resolution any different from what her party accused the Bantu Education Act of having been?

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