eDocket to improve police admin


eDocket to improve police admin
eDocket to improve police admin

The South African Police Service (SAPS) says it will greatly improve the management and administration of dockets across the board with the introduction of the eDocket system.

Officially known as the Integrated Case Docket Management System (ICDMS), eDocket allows for an integrated method of monitoring police documents, dockets and the storage thereof. This will ultimately reduce the chances of dockets going missing or being tampered with.

SAPS envisages that within the next five years, corruption in police investigations and the theft of case dockets will become almost impossible, as the eDocket system will be fully operational in all police stations.

National Police spokesperson, Colonel Vishnu Naidoo, says to date, the system has been implemented at 1 153 police stations — including military police stations — across the country and in 509 of 627 Department of Justice and Constitutional Development courts.

The project has thus far cost R613.5 million. As at the end of June, the system has been deployed in 80% of police stations.

The system serves the police and the entire justice system and allows for information sharing. Officers and detectives will be able to create e-dockets that will connect to the courts. This entails the management and administration of criminal cases, inquests and enquiries about cases from the beginning to the end.

The ICDMS is set to replace the current IT system, allowing officers and detectives to create e-dockets that would also be connected to the courts.

The ICDMS is divided into two business areas, the first being the Administer Case, in which development has been finalised and is in operation.

Investigate Case, whose development will commence this year, is envisaged for conclusion in 2020.

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