Economic murder program against minorities by the ANC become clear

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Economic murder program against minorities by the ANC become clear
Economic murder program against minorities by the ANC become clear

Black nationalist mafia TERRORISTS (ANC) intent on an economic murder program against minorities planned our economic meltdown. Fifth of employees were not paid in June.

Shock economic data that just came out shows that a fifth of all employees in the formal sector did not receive salaries in June and most will probably not get their jobs back.

This was not mere incompetence and a matter of zealous communist centrally planned over regulation. This was planned as an economic murder program against the white and brown minorities.

Ramaphosa and Nkosazana “Dr Twak” Dlamini-Zuma let the cat out of the bag when they openly said in the media that the CCP-virus epidemic affords the perfect opportunity to so called ” restructure” the economy.

This in essence is just an acceleration of their so called National Democratic Revolution (NDR) which is their 25 year plan to take possessions, including land, from whites and give it to black people without black people having to build up anything themselves.

Cyril Ramaphosa has of course famously called this the “cook the frog slowly in the pot” strategy even before the ANC won it’s first elections in 1994. As it turns out the ownership of the most profitable companies in the country now resides with ANC bigwigs like Ramaphosa himself.

At the same time the ANC has just announced that they will enhance their BEE legislation to include a national demographic racial quota system for companies in the private sector. This comes down to a social engineering program to destroy jobs for white and brown people because in the Western Cape white and brown people form the majority yet according to this new BEE legislation 90% of all jobs should go to black people, even in the Western Cape.

The ANC clearly grabbed the opportunity brought by the CCP-virus to follow a scorched earth policy to give them the chance to afterwards build a black utopia from the ashes.

The ANC is clearly busy with a racial war and it’s ban on alcohol sales destroyed tens of thousands of jobs on wine farms in the Western Cape whilst alcohol has nothing to do with the virus itself.

Keep in mind that each employed person on average has about 5 dependents.

It was also widely reported in the media how ANC cadres have been caught out dishing out billions worth of tenders to friends and family during this time. Even Ramaphosa’s own son, Andile, received a R6 million tender to supply so called spacers for taxi windows to keep it open. Remember one of the ANC’s ridiculous regulations is that taxi windows must be 5 cm open and this regulation is used as justification for the fact that taxis can operate at full capacity whilst some industries like wine farms are still under lockdown and it is even illegal to sell cigarettes.
The alcohol and cigarette ban is still in force even as it is reported that hospitalizations and deaths due to the CCP-virus have reached a peak and began to decrease in the Western Cape.

Is the alcohol and cigarette ban not clearly a plan to bankrupt wine and tobacco farms owned by white people so that black people can take it over?

But the liberal world establishment remains quiet even amidst the slaughter of innocent white people by black gangs that continue unabated.

If you want examples then take for instance the abduction and brutal murder by beating and stabbing of Danie Brand, his wife Breggie and daughter Elzabie at Hartswater over the weekend, the beating to death of the elderly Chrisjan van Niekerk in his farm stall at Alexandria, PE on 25 July and the beating and stabbing to death of Jan Stickling (58) when his truck got a flat wheel and he was loosening his wheel nuts on 24 July outside Ermelo.

If you read the following shocking economic data you will see how serious the situation is.


When the ANC implemented it’s so called lockdown level 3 at the beginning of June, massive economic damage was already done. According to BankServeAfrica there was a total of 20,7% decrease in salary payments to employees in June. This data is a good indicator of job losses in the formal sector. Economist Mike Schussler says he has never seen anything like this. Schussler says the data probably means that a fifth of people employed by big and medium companies lost their jobs by June. Schussler says this is the sort of collapse which leads to depressions.

The BankServeAfrica data also monitors payments to State employees but of cource they all got their money, no retrenchments there.

Schussler says it could be that some of the salaries were only stopped temporarily but he says it is unlikely that most people will get their jobs back in the current economic conditions. Schussler says unemployment due to the ANC”s insane and tyrannical lockdown rules – like a ban on the sale of alcohol – could rise to 50%.
Data from the Unemployment Insurance Fund shows that 4,4 million people made use of the COVID-19Ters scheme which was used to pay laid off employees.

If all of them permanently loose their jobs, it means South Africa will have an unemployment rate of 50%.
Schussler says we are in big big trouble. We are. Believe him.

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