Two violent ‘Spotbouer gang’ members get life sentences, PE

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Two violent ‘Spotbouer gang’ members get life sentences, PE
Two violent 'Spotbouer gang' members get life sentences, PE

On 3 May 2016, Donovan ’Staal’ Berry (47) was fatally shot in Barberry Drive Ext 31 in Bethelsdorp. Spotbouer gang members Elgershin Goliath (27) was arrested on 20 May 2016, while the second accused, Deon Harmse (26) was arrested on 15 June 2016 in Bethelsdorp. The third accused, Nealon Redhouse (21) was arrested on 8 July 2016, at a house in Stuurman Street in Bethelsdorp. He was arrested at that time for the murder of Aaliyah Tee (12). Further investigations linked him to the murder of Berry. The fourth accused, Shelton Malgas (25) was arrested in March 2017.

In February 2018, Nealon Redhouse was sentenced to an effective 18 years for two other murders and a string of additional charges which were committed in November 2015.

In July 2018 , both Redhouse and accused Deon Harmse were convicted and sentenced for the murder of Aaliyah Tee (12) and attempted murder, impersonating a police officer, housebreaking with intent to commit murder, possession of firearm and possession of ammunition. A total of 89 years imprisonment were imposed on them of which 30 years will be effectively served. Redhouse will only start serving his 30 year sentence after he has completed serving his 18 year sentence for the murder cases committed in 2015.

On Monday, 29 April 2019 Redhouse was convicted for illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition which was confiscated by police when he was arrested in July 2016 in Stuurman Street in Bethelsdorp. A 9mm pistol, bulletproof and two cellphones were recovered. This firearm was linked to several cases of murder and serious crimes of which he is already serving sentences for two murder cases. Redhouse was convicted to 8 years imprisonment of which 4 years will run concurrent with the other sentences. Effectively he will now be in prison for a period of 52 years.

On Tuesday, 2 July 2019, the three accused, Goliath, Redhouse and Harmse were found guilty on the following :
Murder – Goliath, Redhouse and Harmse found guilty.
Unlawful possession of firearm – Redhouse and Harmse found guilty.
Unlawful possession of ammunition – Redhouse and Harmse guilty.
Shelton Malgas was cleared of all charges.

On Monday, 26 August 2019, Goliath, Redhouse and Harmse were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Donovan ’Staal’ Berry. Redhouse and Harmse were also sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for possession of firearm and illegal possession of ammunition. Sentences will run concurrently to the murder charge.

Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga applauded the investigating team including the prosecuting authority for their dedication and hard work. ‘The thorough investigation of the case in collaboration with the prosecuting authority has ensured that these callous criminals will be spending the rest of their lives in prison. Sentences such as this bring renewed hope to the communities that criminals will not be sharing their space with law abiding citizens. The scourge of gang violence cannot and will not be tolerated as we, the SAPS continue focussing on reclaiming our communities from the hands of criminals,’ added Lt Gen Ntshinga.

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