Stolen livestock recovered during police operations, Ngcobo

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Stolen livestock recovered during police operations, Ngcobo
Stolen livestock recovered during police operations, Ngcobo

An intelligence driven operation, successfully executed by members of the Stock Theft and Endangered Species Unit in the Chris Hani District, resulted in the recovery of suspected stolen livestock.

It is alleged that the livestock was stolen around Ngcobo between 13 and 14 March 2023. Police followed up on information following an increase in reporting of stock theft cases around Cala, Ngcobo and Dalasile areas.

A total of 42 livestock, 23 cattle, two horses and seven goats were recovered at Qolweni Village while another 10 cattle was also recovered at Ngxangxasi Locality.

Police are urging livestock owners to be extra vigilant when it comes to the security of their livestock.

Farmers, particularly in the rural areas are encouraged to be on their guard and make sure their animals are secured as much as possible.

Monitor and count your livestock regularly;
Report all stock theft cases immediately to SAPS;
Keep a controlled livestock register;
Mark your livestock according to the Animal Identification Act;
Prevent stolen livestock from being hidden on your property; Stock posts serve as ideal overnight stopovers to hide stolen livestock;
Loading ramps in paddocks or on farms away from supervision should be kept locked or obstructed at all times;
Livestock owners should keep all fences and gates in working order to protect their livestock and
Employees should be trained to pay attention to irregularities.

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