Rape and murder: Bodies of man and woman found in shallow graves, Peddie

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Rape and murder: Bodies of man and woman found in shallow graves, Peddie
Rape and murder: Bodies of man and woman found in shallow graves, Peddie

Peddie police are investigating murder and rape cases after two bodies of a male and a female were found buried in shallow graves not far from the roadside on different days in different villages in Peddie.

The female body was discovered at Lower Qeto A/A in Peddie by a community member who alleged that on 10 December 2019 he was walking with his dogs through nearby bushes at about 13:30 when his dogs displayed interest in something on the roadside.

It is further alleged that he then decided to follow the dogs to investigate as also on the previous day, they displayed a similar behavioral pattern. To his surprise, he saw a skull of a human being with dislocated jaws lying on the ground. On checking further he saw a shallow grave covered with soil, stones and branches. He then called the police who arrived and took over the scene.

The body was removed from the grave and it was established that it was a female body aged between 30 and 35 years, fully dressed in a blue jean trouser, black tight, white T-shirt, white spencer, red track top (written champion in front) and brown half boot shoes.

Although the body was in the early stage of decomposition, police also discovered that the female was also raped. Police have opened an inquest, murder and rape cases. The charge of inquest in the death of the male body may be changed to murder.

The female body discovered is a second one to be found in Peddie in a short time after a male body was found buried by the roadside at Gcinisa village, Peddie (near Mambalwini and Mqwashwini) on 7 December 2019.

The body had visible wounds on the upper body and dressed in a black leather jacket and maroon pants.

No one has come forward to identify the body or reported a case of a missing person. The possibility of a link between the two incidents is also part of the investigation

Peddie police have tried to esquire from nearby villages but in vain. There is a possibility that maybe the victims are not from Peddie, they come from somewhere else.

Peddie SAPS are looking for family, friends, relatives or next of kin of the deceased couple. Any family missing a man or woman fitting this description are requested to please contact WO Mkululi Manisi on 082 3019 713 or Peddie Detectives on 040 673 3311.

All correspondence will be treated with strictest confidence.

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