Protests erupt at Joe Slovo Township, Port Elizabeth

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Protests erupt at Joe Slovo Township, Port Elizabeth
Protest action over smart meters happening in Vereeniging - Image SA Police Services

Protesters have blocked Njoli and Daku Road, Mbanga and Nobathana streets in Soweto on Sea, and the R75 entry to KwaDwesi and Joe Slovo Township are blocked with burning tyres.

It is unclear if the protests are service delivery related at this stage. The protests could be instigated by the Councilors in a bid to retain their positions. Perhaps the people have been prompted to burn everything, and they remain blind to the truth behind the protest actions. Service deliveries will probably be the complaint of yet another protest that is sweeping across South Africa.

The only result of all these protests is that the poor are getting poorer. Today they burn down everything and tomorrow they demand services. When they do not receive any services because the infrastructure is gone up in flames, they start burning whatever is left. Who repairs or pays for all the damage, nobody and the towns that have been under constant protests will remain, gutted and destroyed for years to come.

It is indeed sad that almost every day a protest is breaking out around the country. Some of the riots are not extremely damaging, yet they do make an impact on the people living in those affected areas.

When will the African National Congress (ANC) take action and acknowledge that South Africa is burning? It is no use condemning the action of the rioters that does not solve the problem. The government must become actively involved and stem the violence sweeping across the land. The people who are involved in the protests need confirmation and action from the government that their situation will change, not empty promises.

While we wait for the government to take action and allow the demonstrators to burn down the towns, South Africa is slowly slipping into a devastating state.

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