Protests at Morgan Bay Junction East London

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Protests at Morgan Bay Junction East London
Protests at Morgan Bay Junction East London Image - Intelligence Bureau SA

Reports of another service delivery protest happening today at the Morgan Bay Junction, in the Amathole District Municipality, East London have surfaced.

There is a warning for any motorist intending to go to Kei Mouth or Morgan Bay to be cautious during this time.
Police are on the scene and no further details have been disclosed.

Service delivery and other protests have cropped up almost daily around South Africa. There is not much coverage given to these riots due to the censorship of the SABC. Most incidents are relatively smaller protests than the troublesome Tshwane and Durban protests that happened recently.

With the upcoming municipal elections a few weeks away, it could be expected that protests will break out daily around the country. The people are trying to get a message across to the African National Congress (ANC) government. After 22 years of living under extreme poverty, without running water and electricity the people want change. It is the very same people that voted for the ANC that is suffering, and now demanding change.

The question is whether these protests will make a difference. There has been little or no change in the last 22 years. It is unlikely that progress will be made anytime soon. There is the vast increase in poverty that has escalated over the past 22 years. The infrastructure is almost non-existent in some places and replacing or repairing would take years.

What the demonstrators forget is that burning down buildings, schools, and buses does not make it easier for the government to make progress in delivering better services.

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