Police under fire: Firearms, explosives, hijacked vehicle recovered, EC

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Police under fire: Firearms, explosives, hijacked vehicle recovered, EC
Police under fire: Firearms, explosives, hijacked vehicle recovered, EC. Photo: SAPS

The Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga has commended police in Motherwell on stamping the authority of the State by adopting the zero tolerance approach this festive season.

A total of three suspects were arrested during the early hours of 25 December 2018 and detained on charges of attempted murder, possession of explosives, possession of prohibited firearms, illegal possession of ammunition and possession of suspected hijacked vehicle.

At about 02:50 this morning members from Motherwell Crime Prevention Unit were patrolling near the Engen garage when they noticed two suspicious males emerging from Qotsa Street, NU4B. When they spotted the police, both males turned around and started to walk in a small passage back towards Qotsa Street. As members approached them, the males started shooting at the members who retaliated.

While still pursuing them, the suspects dropped a black bag containing 4 improvised explosive devices. A 9mm Luger firearm was also found on the scene.

Backup from the Motherwell Operational Command Centre (OCC) arrived and the manhunt for the suspects continued. One person, age 49 was found in Bira Street with a gunshot wound in his hand. The Operational Command Centre members also arrested another suspect, aged 31, hiding in a yard in Bira Street NU4A. Members followed up on their investigation and a 7.65 pistol and a fifth explosive device were confiscated at a shack in NU12.

A third suspect, aged 32, was arrested in Bikana Street, NU4A. A third firearm, an R5 rifle were found lying in a yard in Qutsa Street NU4B, not far from where the suspects retreated when chased by police.

A hijacked VW Jetta with false number plates was also found in Qutsa Street and was towed to SAPS Mount Road for further investigation. This vehicle was hijacked in a business robbery last week in Bethelsdorp.

In total, 3 firearms, 5 explosive devices and a hijacked vehicle were recovered. The serial numbers from all 3 firearms were filed off.

The suspects will appear in the Motherwell Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, 27 December 2018.

The Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Ntshinga commended our men and women in blue for their commitment in creating safer communities during this festive season, risking their lives to ensure that they (the communities) are and feel safe. We will not be threatened by these criminals as we continue to clamp down on them. The police officers from the Motherwell cluster are commended for their efforts in arresting these suspects and preventing the commission of serious crime.

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