Police declare war on drugs, East London

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Police declare war on drugs, East London
Police declare war on drugs, East London

The scourge and the damage caused by drug abuse in our communities has prompted the Operation Crime Combat (OCC) police members to focus more on the drug market, and four suspects were arrested for drug dealing during operation Paseka.

East London police are proud to boast with their successes in the war against drugs. The East London cluster dedicated members strive to ensure that we are living in a drug free society. This operation was conducted in Buffalo Flats and surrounding areas.

Police followed up on information about a man with drugs in a certain taxi. A taxi was searched and a male suspect was found in possession of twenty mandrax tablets. In Buffalo Flats police arrested a suspect for possession of seventeen mandrax tables.

Police followed up on another information about a suspect that was in another taxi with drugs traveling towards town. The vehicle was searched and forty mandrax tablets were confiscated. The suspect was detained at Buffalo Flats for drug dealing.

Another arrest was made after the police conducted drug search in Buffalo Flats, the suspect was found in possession of six mandrax tablets. The last suspect was found in possession of ten mandrax tablets at Windyridge, Buffalo Flats.

In Quigney area eleven knives were confiscated and mandrax tablets were found abandoned after the suspect fled.

The suspects aged between 20 and 39 years respectively are due to appear in the East London Magistrates’ Court soon on charges of drug dealing and possession.

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