Man hijacked, tied up, dumped in bushes, East London

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Man hijacked, tied up, dumped in bushes, East London
Man hijacked, tied up, dumped in bushes, East London

Two firearms was recovered after a car hijacking took place in East London on 24 December 2019. It is alleged that a male victim from St Georges Road was driving his Toyota corolla when he was stopped by two male suspects who were hitch hiking.

He gave them a lift, when they were near the park they both drew firearms and ordered him to stop the car and they ordered him to seat at the back seat, he was also ordered to lie at the back seat and the one who was originally in the the passenger’s seat drove the vehicle.

They stopped at the bushes in Leaches bay. They then tied both his legs and hands and left him in the bushes, he was later found seen by members of the community who untied him. He then reported to 10111 and tracker was activated, Mdantsane flying squad members joined the search. The location of the car was established to be in Mbabala Crescent, Orange Grove. The vehicle was recovered and two males searched.

Upon searching they recovered Grisan 9mm Parabellum in a black bag with one live round. On further searching they recovered a Z88 9mm Parabellum with 10 live rounds. Two male suspects 25 and 28 years were arrested for Possession of Unlicensed firearm, ammunition and stolen vehicle.

On further investigation it was discovered that the Grisan 9mm firearm was robbed in a cash in transit case and the Z88 firearm was robbed from an East London Station member. Both suspects will appear in the East London Magistrate court soon.

The members were commended by Duncan Village Station Commander for good work they’ve carried out and “one or two firearms can save people’s lives” he said.

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