Komga man sentenced to 18 years for killing wife

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Komga man sentenced to 18 years for killing wife
Komga man sentenced to 18 years for killing wife

Sicelo Nxeke was sentenced to 18 years direct imprisonment at the Grahamstown High Court, for the murder of his wife in May 2017.

The 55 year old accused alleged and based his actions on grounds that the deceased had been engaged in extramarital affair, with a so called a man also from Komga.

He pleaded guilty which made his version rather questionable in the eyes of the state, and it was later denied. Dismissal of the accused’s plea had ascended when his version, on the Friday leading to the trial, was found contradictory in comparison to the evidence in the docket, which consisted primarily of the deceased situation.

On a quest to successfully challenge the accused’s version, the investigating officer, Sergeant Ayanda Sihu was determined to trace the man the accused had alleged had been having an affair with the deceased. Thus successfully locating him in Komga. Upon their meeting, the said man had agreed to become a state witness against the accused and he testified for the state on 6 March 2018.

It must be stated that if the court had accepted the accused version, a sentence in the region of 8 to 10 years imprisonment could have been expected, on a basis that it was a crime of passion. This due diligence by the investigating officer, Sgt Sihu, enabled the court to reject the accused’s version, which was under false pretence.

Sergeant Sihu is a mere example of SAPS’s dedication and has again shown another brave act of ensuring justice is served.

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