Katkop community assist with policing

Katkop community assist with policing

KATKOP – Due to the fact that the community of Katkop made use of the invitation of the District Commissioner Brigadier Rudolph Adolph to contact him if they had any concerns led to an urgent meeting that was held at Ngxaxha locality and attended by Brig Adolph, Col Makeke the zone Commander, Capt Mtshizana the SC of KatKop, Mr Mathumbu the District Manager of the Department of Community Safety, Mr Moni the District CPF Chairperson and the village leaders so they could raise their concerns on the 19 July 2021 at the start of the week.

A follow up meeting was then scheduled with the same role-players and also including the local CPF Chairperson Mr August at Ngxaxha to discuss the increase in house robberies and assaults and also the communities out cry for a satellite station. Due to the vastness of the area and the fact that during the rainy season it is not accessible. The community also had an opportunity to share valuable and positive information with the SAPS.

The community then took the extra step and walked the extra mile meeting the SAPS half way. A premises was provided to the SAPS to be used as a service point. A neat “pink” premises with water and electricity was offered to us.

All the stakeholders involved were delighted and plans were put into action. A vehicle was provided by KatKop and Mount Fletcher SAPS gave four SAPS members to be on duty. It was also decided that on a weekly basis members will assist with certification of documents and taking of statements.

After the meeting later during the day two suspects were apprehended by the community and the SAPS were contacted.

The SAPS also managed to follow up positive information on Friday the 23 July 2021 at Malandini locality and arrest 5 suspects with the stolen property at an identified house.

As the SAPS were busy with the arrests the community once again apprehended another two suspects.

Property to the value of R12 400-00 that included TV’s, cellphones, speakers, electric boxes and screw drivers were recovered.

The 9 suspects of which five is under age were taken to Qumbu and the other four aged 25, 31, 23 and 19 will be held at Mount Fletcher SAPS. All the suspects will appear on Monday the 26 July 2021 at the Qumbu magistrate court.

The acting District Commissioner Brigadier Rudolph Adolph applauded all the stakeholders for their positive contributions and the community for the initiative taken in meeting the SAPS half way in order for us to react to crime more effectively and efficiently. Together we are now making a significant difference in the fight against crime. May the “pink” house be a new beacon of hope to the community of Ngxaxha.

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