Investigation into R1.8 mill vehicle parts discovery, PE

South African Police Service

Investigation into R1.8 mill vehicle parts discovery, PE
Investigation into R1.8 mill vehicle parts discovery, PE

The endless efforts of the South African Police Service to address the crime within our city, shows the commitment of the members. Regardless of the nature of crime, the members will go the extra mile to ensure that our communities are and feel safe.

During a crime intelligence driven operation on Monday, 23 April 2018 members of the K9 Unit and the Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit executed a search warrant at a business premises in Swartkops Street, North End for suspected stolen property.

Upon searching the premises police found various car parts such as turbos, diesel and injector pumps, throttles and various other engine parts. The property is valued at an estimated amount between R1.6 and 1.8 million.

The vehicle parts were positively identified as parts from VW and Ford and these parts were still in the original packaging. According to information the parts can only be purchased from the dealers. Upon enquiring from the owner of the shop about the possession of these parts, he provided a statement and receipts of the purchases made.

At this stage no one was arrested but an enquiry has been opened and will be investigated and sent to the National Prosecution Authority for further a decision.

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