Human skeletal remains found, Kabega Park

South African Police Service

Human skeletal remains found, Kabega Park
Human skeletal remains found, Kabega Park

SAPS Kabega Park opened an inquest after human skeletal remains were found on Monday afternoon, 25 October 2021.

It is alleged that on the afore mentioned date, at approximately 18:37, SAPS Kabega Park members, after responding to a complaint in Walker Drive, Sherwood, were met by a fireman from the fire department who pointed out the skeletal remains that were discovered after the bush fire was extinguished.

According to the family of the missing person, Adriaan Scheepers, the clothing and a cellphone found near the skeletal remains are believed to be that of Mr Scheepers.

Mr Scheepers was reported missing in September 2020. DNA testing will be done to confirm that the skeleton is in fact Mr Scheepers.

The cell phone will also be sent to the cyber unit for further analysis.

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