Home invasion: Man dies after being shot, Rocklands

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Home invasion: Man dies after being shot, Rocklands
Home invasion: Man dies after being shot, Rocklands

Mount Road Cluster Detective Trio Task team are on the hunt for three suspects involved in a murder and robbery case that was committed on the morning of 28 November 2019, in Rocklands. It is alleged that at about 04:00, Gregory Hough (57) returned to his house in Elandsriver, Rocklands after withdrawing money from a nearby garage. Shortly after he returned home, there was a knock on the back door, and when Hough inquired who it was, the person claimed that they were from the police.

The suspects then kicked open the door and threatened Hough and his family with a firearm. They demanded the money. A scuffle ensued between Hough and the suspects and a shot was fired injuring him in the leg, he succumbed to his injury.

Suspects left the house and got into an unknown vehicle and fled. At this stage it is unclear whether any money was taken. According to the family, Hough was a ‘skopper’ (loan shark).

Police are warning people operating as ‘skoppers’ that this is illegal while at the same time would like to urge stokvel clubs to take the necessary precautions in safeguarding their money. During this time of the year, thousands of rand are withdrawn to be paid out to club members.

Police are advising that instead of withdrawing such large amounts of cash, arrange for the club’s pay out to be electronically transferred into each club member’s personal account or accounts of their choice. In so doing, the physical handling of huge amounts of cash can be avoided. This will also deter criminals who are aware of such stokvels. Always be vigilant of your surroundings.

A case of robbery and murder is being investigated by SAPS Kabega Park members.

Anyone who can assist the investigation officer with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects can contact Kabega Park on 041 3976800.

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