Farm invaders arrested in the Eastern Cape

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Farm invaders arrested in the Eastern Cape
Farm invaders arrested in the Eastern Cape - Image - Die Vryburger

A group of people claiming that a land dispute from as early as 1976 remained unresolved, took the law into its own hands and occupied the farm Primgradia between Queenstown and Tarkastad in the Eastern Cape. The farm belongs to Mr. Charles Featherstone.

However, the police reacted quickly and arrested the illegal dwellers.

Apparently, the group of inhabitants was during 1976 moved from Herschel to Queenstown, and certain promises were allegedly made to them.

Although, a land claim has already been established by the Herschel group. The community did not, want the land, but settled the claim for a cash payment of R50 million. The amount was paid to the individuals.

TAU SA has previously claimed that land on which compensation was paid after it was initially requested should be released and declared “clean” from further land reform claims. This claim also appears to be of great value in this case if it were to be enacted in legislation.

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