Eastern Cape detectives ensure justice for victims of crimes and their families

Eastern Cape detectives ensure justice for victims of crimes and their families
Eastern Cape detectives ensure justice for victims of crimes and their families

Crimes against women and children is a deeply concerning issue that plagues our society on a daily basis hence it is the duty of law enforcement to protect the vulnerable and ensure justice for the victims.

During October 2023, detectives in the Eastern Cape achieved phenomenal successes by securing convictions on serious, violent and sensitive crimes involving women and children.

Some of the successes achieved are:

On 5 October 2023, a 24-year-old criminal was convicted and sentenced in the Grahamstown High court for the brutal murder committed in January 2022 in Vincent Park, Maclear.

  • On 14 January 2022, Mlibaziso Sofonia broke into the home of Anelisa Dyonasi (24), kidnapped her and took her to an open field where he repeatedly stabbed her and left her for dead. In May 2022, meticulous investigation led the investigating officer to Libode where Sofonia was traced in Mcwili admin area. Investigations proved that he was positively linked to the crime.

On 5 October 2023, the accused was convicted and sentenced for housebreaking with intent to commit kidnapping – 7 years, kidnapping – 7 years and murder – life imprisonment. All sentences will run concurrently with the life sentence.

  • In another unrelated case, a 49-year-old man was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for a sexual assault on a 10-year-old girl committed in October 2021. On 2 October 2021, at 17:00 in the Konqeni locality in Bityi, the accused grabbed his victim, carried her on his shoulders to his room where he sexually assaulted her.

On 6 October 2023 he was sentenced.

  • Another rapist was dealt a heavy blow when he was sentenced in the Mthatha Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, 10 October 2023 for raping two minors aged 6 and 8 years old in Ngangelizwe on 21 September 2023. The accused, Jilido Gildo Maria Vilanculos (18), a Mozambican national was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment on each of the two counts of rape.
  • Also, on Tuesday 10 October 2023, a 37-year-old father was sentenced in the Mthatha Magistrates’ court for raping his 14-year-old daughter at their home on 30 July 2022. He was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Acting Provincial Commissioner, Maj Gen Zithulele Dlada commended the efforts of the FCS units and detective officers in ensuring that perpetrators of sexual offences and rape are found guilty and sentenced. ’The significant prosecutions and the sterling investigation by our detectives have brought perpetrators to justice. The dedication to collecting/preserving evidence, supporting victims and ensuring a thorough process, is essential in our pursuit of justice for the victims and their families. These efforts make a major difference in building strong cases,’ added Maj Gen Dladla.

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