CIT robbery, vehicle bombed open, suspects arrested, Port St John

BKA Boere Krisis Aksie

CIT robbery, vehicle bombed open, suspects arrested, Port St John
CIT robbery, vehicle bombed open, suspects arrested, Port St John. Photo: BKA

On 4 September 2018, an operational team was activated by crime intelligence to track and arrest suspects who were involved in CIT robbery in Eastern cape. The operational team consisted of Limpopo and Mpumalanga Tracking teams, Magma investigation, Empd Swat team and G4S intelligence.

On monday 3 September 2018, a group of armed men attacked G4s truck in Ngaleni area Eastern cape area of Port St John. Explosives were used to bomb and open the Av truck and undisclosed amount of money was stolen. On Tuesday 4 September 2018, information was received that some of suspects who committed the deeds were on their way back home in Gauteng.

The operational team intercepted suspects on N1 road just outside Sasolburg. The suspects were travelling in hired silver Toyota etios hired from Tempest car rental. During search of suspects and the vehicle large amount of money was found hidden inside the door panels. Suspects failed to give satisfactory answer why the money was hidden inside their car. Four suspects were arrested on the scene.

Sasolburg Lcrc was summoned to the scene. Money was removed from the panels and counted on the scene. Some of the notes were damaged and we suspect were damaged by explosion during robbery. After the scene was processed the exhibits were sealed inside exhibit bags and the team is on the way to detain them in Ngaleni in Eastern cape.

The suspects are also suspected to have involved in cash in transit robbery in morning of monday 3 August 2018 in Mount Frere EC were they failed to take money only firearms of security were stolen.

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