Barbarism, boxing champion turned robber stoned to death by community

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Barbarism, boxing champion turned robber stoned to death by community
Barbarism, boxing champion turned robber stoned to death by community. Photo: FNSA

Boxing champion Manelisi “Leli” Mbilase was stoned to death by community members in Mdantsane after he was caught robbing two women of their belongings recently.

Mbilase, 40, and two of his friends fled, but the community chased them down and apprehended Mbilase in the bushes where they assaulted him with stones.

Screaming, singing and ululating, the community members took turns to beat him up before loading him in a wheelbarrow and left him by the government building.

Police were called and he was rushed to Cecilia Makiwane Hospital where he was certified dead.

His brother Vumile Mgunundu confirmed that his brother was part of a gang which robbed people.“I think he succumbed to the life of drugs,” he said. “All he wanted was to get a fix and he would do anything to get it.” His former trainer Lunga Sikonyela said he was surprised by the life Mbilase had chosen after quitting boxing.

This story confirms a few things we at Front National SA have learned over the years:

1) It is absolutely impossible to co-exist in a multicultural state with a society where behaviour such as this is not only tolerated, but accepted as the norm. Jungle justice. Stone him to death. Kick him to death. Chop him to death. Be the policeman, judge, jury, prosecutor and executor all in one. And then go unpunished yourself.

Can we even imagine where we will end up if this is accepted as the norm by all the people of South Africa? Pre-civilisation barbarism will pale in comparison!

2) The life of this man is an indication of what will be the life of South Africa after . He had it all, fame, fortune, popularity presented on a silver platter. And when he had to sustain it and provide for himself, he could not. He fell back to the point where he would rob anybody for a “fix.”

Now, if a man with all those opportunities falls back like this, what will be the story of the millions who never had those opportunities, but will be presented with agricultural land and the responsibility for toiling it? We hardly need to elaborate.

This is a sad story, but one we expect to be re enacted over and over and over in many manifestations over the coming years.

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